First together with Rocca di Castiglione to be declared with the 1961 vintage on a Barolo label of the “modern” era, Bussia is not only the best known of all Monforte d’Alba but also one of the true icons of the entire denomination, capable of making enthusiasts from all over the world dream.

It is precisely here and to be sought the ultimate reason for the now official delimitation that led to a single large Bussia, which brings together under its umbrella areas of absolute prestige such as PianPolvere or Colonnello, others of good depth such as Visetti or Arnulfo, but also numerous vineyards of far from marginal value. The Tenuta Rocca di Bussia vineyards are located in the part of Corsini.

Compared to the heart of the Bussia, this is an area with a cooler exposure, which includes both the vineyards of the Corsini area proper, and those of the cascina sciare. The Bussia Corsini is the only one to be vinified in purity with very interesting results from the point of view of the structure and the character (just earthy) mirror of a great quality of the soils

MGA: Bussia

Municipality: Monforte d’Alba

MGA Total Alrea: 298,89 ha

Vineyard Area: 1,48 ha

Soil: “Sant’Agata” marls, characteristic of the Tortoniano geological age, young soils with good sustainable hydration, made up of a silt-clay, limestone mi

Alitude: 210-350 mslm

Esposure: South/Southwest