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Nebbiolo d’Alba doc Vigna Sorì Ornati

Nebbiolo d’Alba doc Vigna Sorì Ornati

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Vigna Sorì Ornati is made with estate-grown grapes from the Nebbiolo. Excellently exposed vineyard, (south/south-west) on the steep and airy hill topped by the Estate’s vinification cellar.

Vinification: During the ripening of the grapes we thin out the bunches to optimize the yield and then hand-select them before they undergo soft crushing. Selected yeasts that respect the fragrant aroma of the product are added to the must. At the end of temperature-controlled fermentation, the wine is drawn off and racked. Complete malo-lactic fermentation takes place in steel. The wine is then transferred to oak barrels where it refines and matures for at least a year. The wine is finally ready for bottling and bottle refinement.

Visual aspects: Brilliant, garnet red, good intensity.

Olfactory aspects: Ethereal, intense, floral (violet), fruity (plum and raspberry). Spicy notes subsequently emerge.

Taste aspects: Dry, warm, full-bodied, suitably tannic, smooth and balanced, of notable freshness and character.

Aging/Method of storage: At least 10/12 years if stored correctly, away from light, at a cool and constant temperature, in the same horizontal position as when it arrives in its case until the moment of consumption.

FormatiAvailable Formats
0.75 l
Temperatura di servizioServing temperature
16/18 °C - 61/65 °F