It’s in Monforte d’Alba, in the beating heart of the Langa del Barolo – today a UNESCO heritage site – that the family and oenological adventure of the brothers Bruno and Gianni began in the 1980s.

The screenplay takes place in a magnificent farmhouse dating back to the 18th century surrounded by the rigorous geometries of the vineyard amphitheaters of the Ornati area that face the Maritime Alps.

Tenuta Rocca rests on the solid foundations of the process of affirmation of almost four decades, and today it can count on the guidance and perspective vision of Andrea and Chiara, the third generation. Respect for the ecosystem and the “know-how” in the vineyard, the historical heritage of the Piedmontese vignerons, has led the company, in modern times, to the organic management of the vineyards.


In 2011, after graduating from the Alba Enological School, I began to lead the vineyards and take care of the vinifications. I gave a touch of modernity to the company. My goal is, while respecting the environment, to obtain the best from our vineyards in order to guarantee a natural development of the vinification and refinement of the wines.


After studying Linguistics, in 2016, I moved permanently to Tenuta Rocca alongside my brother Andrea and my father Gianni. I define myself as the “narrator” of our Company, the guide of the first 40 years of the Estate. It is I who welcomes guests, accompanying them on visits and tastings of our wines.


My great-grandfather’s passion for the art of wine has been handed down from generation to generation. In 1986 I took over the reins of Tenuta Rocca and started this new adventure. Since 2011 with the total participation of my son Andrea and since 2016 with that of my daughter Chiara, I have been able to dedicate myself to promoting our wines all over the world.


The two Bruno e Gianni brothers, 20 years old, inherit a great passion for the Langhe Terroir from their dad, Giovanni and mom, Irma, looking towards the future with great enthusiasm.

The enormous opportunity: the family acquires the Cascina Rocca, winery in the Monforte area. They quickly get to work on transforming the farm into a family estate. Initially the investment goes towards enhancing the vines and building the new wine cellar. Production is concentrated on three essential local wines, fundamental to the terroir: Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba and Nebbiolo d’Alba (from the Alba area).

The year our first Barolo vineyard is acquired, in Bussia. Bruno and Gianni get to work straight away: three years later the first Barolo Tenuta Rocca emerges.

After 14 years in business, Tenuta Rocca decides to expand: a new section of the business, dedicated to new bottling methods and stock keeping, comes to fruition.

Four new hectares of vineyards and cereals are added to the single body adjacent to the farm.

The third generation enters the scene: Andrea finishes his studies at the wine school and joins his father Gianni. Now it’s his turn.

We add to our Barolos the Barolo from the Municipality of Serralunga, in the Baudana area, destined to become one of our most renowned labels.

We go organic, but only on paper. We always have been, even without certification.

After Andrea it’s Chiara’s turn: she will be the narrative voice of our first forty years. The waltz of tastings will always be her turn. In the same year, the estate was enriched with a new vineyard in Bricco Giubellini. Nebbiolo da Barolo is increasingly our vocation.

The Bricco San Pietro vineyard consolidates us as a Barolo-style vigneron.

A new chapter in history: the Alta Langa is on the border and we cannot resist the call of the classic method. With the acquisition of a farmhouse in Roddino, in the district of the appellation, we too become a bit of sparkling wine enthusiasts.

We marry the Albeisa bottle, symbol of a territory: it is an opportunity to renew corporate communication, especially the one that is close to the heart of the winemaker, the label. And, as always, it is an opportunity to reconnect with the (Savoy) territory.