Bricco Giubellini

It is our highest Nebbiolo vineyard, at an altitude of almost 500 metres. This portion of land in the municipality of Monforte d’Alba is recognized for its mineral component which derives from the Diano sandstone.

It is exactly in the middle of the two most important MGAs of the municipality (Bussia and Ginestra), the sand and silt manage to give Nebbiolo a very marked fruit and freshness, with very intense colors and a very nice structure.

Location: Bricco Giubellini

Municipality: Monforte d’Alba

Vineyard Area: 1,50 ha

Soil: Sandstones of Diano (Tortoniano), evolved soils with good water availability, consisting of sandy-silty deposits

Quota: 470 mslm

Exposure: Southwest – West