With the exception of the vineyards that develop along the cooler slope of the Cerretta and those facing Costabella, the remaining part of this mention occupies a homogeneous and well-exposed slope, located immediately at the foot of the village of the same name.

In this area the vineyards of Cascina belvedere are particularly renowned, although the immediately adjacent vineyards are no less important, which it is no coincidence that in recent years they have been the subject of significant acquisitions by highly reputed companies.

Finally, the vineyards bordering Meirame are also of good value, where, despite the cooler exposure, wines with excellent structure are obtained.

MGA: Baudana

Municipality: Serralunga d’Alba

MGA Total Area: 19,63 ha

Vineyard Area: 1,20 ha

Terreno: Area of ​​intermediate origin between the Lequio Formation and the typical Sant’Agata Marl, young soils with good water availability, made up of clayey-calcareous marl

Altitude: 230-320 mslm

Exposure: Between south and southwest, west-northwest