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Langhe doc Chardonnay Chiara

Langhe doc Chardonnay Chiara

Chardonnay Langhe DOC Chiara is vinified only in the best years, with estate- grown grapes from the Chardonnay vineyards.

Vinification: During the ripening of the grapes we thin out the bunches to optimize the yield and then hand-select them before they undergo soft crushing. The must is placed in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and specially selected yeasts that respect the fragrant aroma of the product are added. The Chardonnay is then racked into new French oak (Allier) barriques, where the fermentation is completed. During the time in barriques, “bâtonnage” is carried out weekly. Finally, the wine is racked and cold stabilized. It is bottled at the end of the summer.

Visual aspects: Brilliant and intense straw yellow.

Olfactory aspects: Very intense, persistent, fresh, with notes of banana and pineapple, toasted hazelnut and butter.

Taste aspects: Harmonious, full, with aftertaste sensations reminiscent of the bouquet, fresh, pleasant and very persistent.

Aging/Method of storage: At least 7/8 years if stored correctly, away from light, at a cool and constant temperature, in the same horizontal position as when it arrives in its case until the moment of consumption.

FormatiAvailable Formats
0,75 - 1.5 l
Temperatura di servizioServing temperature
12/13 °C - 54/56 °F